If you haven’t heard about Gratiae Organics yet, they are a Luxury Organic Beauty brand specializing in anti-aging skin care.  Their product lines include Facial Care, Eye Care, Body Care, A Men’s Care Line and Gold Elements, which is their very high-end facial care line.  

Gratiae Organics Silky Body Butter| Naturally Stellar

***The product in this review was provided by GRATiAE Organics in exchange for my opinions on their product. While the product may be sponsored, my opinions are always 100% my own***

Gold Elements is a little too rich for my budget right now, but I would love to get my hands on their eye treatment cream.  I’ll just tack that to my “If I was a rich girl” beauty wishlist 😀  Product prices in the Gold Elements line range from $99 to $2,899.

This particular review is all about Gratiae Organics Silky Body Butter.  This butter comes in a very elegant frosted glass jar with a gold plastic top. Its 5.95 oz. or 175 ml,  retails for $59.99 and comes in Passionfruit & Lime or Apple, Green Tea & Ginger scents.

I’ve been using the Apple, Green Tea & Ginger Butter for a few weeks now, after my baths or showers and I must say, this stuff is pretty darn good.

Gratiae Organics Silky Body Butter| Naturally Stellar

Much more of a rich moisturizing cream vs. a heavy butter

The consistency of this body butter is more like a rich moisturizing cream vs. a heavy butter in my opinion.  It applies very smoothly and absorbs quickly with absolutely no residue or greasy feel to it.  It really does give your skin a silky feel as the jar states.

Gratiae Organics Silky Body Butter| Naturally Stellar

Not too thick, not too thin.

The fragrance in this is kind of perfumey to me, compared to their other products I’ve used.  The scents in the other products seemed to be much lighter.  I’m personally not a fan of lotions or moisturizers with strong fragrances in them.  I had to cut a lot of these out years ago because I acquired a sensitivity to certain perfumes & fragrances added to my skincare products.  I either have to eliminate some products totally or just avoid applying them to sensitive areas such as my upper body (chest, back, neck, upper arms, shoulders & face).   Because of my skin sensitivity, I miss out on a lot of great smelling body goodies, but since I was aware that I would be trying a body butter with some sort of fragrance in it, I just made sure to apply it only to the un-sensitive areas.

Overall, it still is a VERY nice fragrance and lasts pretty long too.  My hubby likes it on me (A LOT 🙂 ) so I guess that’s a big plus.

I took some photos of the ingredient list, as well as the claims on the packaging so you can see for yourself what’s inside.

Gratiae Organics Silky Body Butter| Naturally Stellar

Gratiae Organics Silky Body Butter| Naturally Stellar

Unfortunately, thanks to my parents gene combo, I’m one of those women that have to shave regularly, so being able to moisturize my legs & arm pits after shaving is important to me.  This is definitely not something  I would suggest you apply after shaving.   I would highly recommend using  their body scrub to shave though.  It has become my absolute favorite product to shave with.  Did she just say a scrub?!  Yes, and I’ll show you what I mean in a later post.

***Potential Risks***

This does contain BHT.  This ingredient sits pretty low on the list, close to the end,  so the amount is likely very minimal.  Use your judgement.  BHT  is used as a preservative in food & personal care products.  It functions as an antioxidant & a fragrance masking agent.


  • Very Moisturizing (In fact, Water is the 1st ingredient)
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Gives a nice silky feel to your skin


  • If you don’t like heavy fragrance or are sensitive to perfumes, this may not be for you.

Summary:  Overall, this is a very nice moisturizing cream. I love the quick absorption. On the areas in which I applied it, my skin stayed soft, silky and moisturized throughout the day.  The fragrance is pleasant, but too much for my sensitive skin areas, so my usage was limited.  I love the look of the jar. It is very nicely packaged and I can re-use the glass jar when I’m done, which is great for the environment.  The price is a little steep in comparison to some other luxury body butters such as Clinique’s Deep Comfort Body Butter ($28 at Nordstrom’s), Lancome’s Nutrix Royal Body Cream ($38 Macy’s) and Crabtree & Evelyn’s Nourishing Body Butter ($34 online), but still fares close in price to other luxury brands like Shiseido, Cartier and Molton & Brown.   Because this product does exactly what it claims,  I give the Gratiae Silky Body Butter a much deserved A-.


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A few notes from the company:

Dear customers: This website www.gratiaeorganics.com  is the only official GRATiAE Organics website on the Internet. Please beware of shopping from unauthorized websites which may sell non-genuine GRATiAE Organics products. A possible indicator of a damaged, non-genuine item is a low price point. Damaged skincare products may have an irreversible negative effect on the face.

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  1. Judy Rossouw

    Please be extremely careful when you consider buying Gratiae products. Ridiculously priced and I had the most horrible reaction from the eye serum and the cleanser.


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