Koils by Nature - Sweet Almond Joy (c) 2012 naturallystellar.wordpress.com

Koils by Nature – Sweet Almond Joy (c) 2012 naturallystellar.wordpress.com

I’ve never used Koils by Nature products before.  I won this particular 8 oz. hair/body butter in a giveaway from another blog, so I figured I should go ahead and give it a review since it was my first time trying it.   I also won Koils by Nature’s 12 oz. Stimulating Hair Growth Rinse, but the majority of my bottle spilled in the package during transit, so I don’t have enough spray left to give it a fair try 🙁

Let me start out by giving you the price for the Butter.  It’s $23 for an 8 oz. jar, directly from the Koils by Nature Website. They also sell 4 oz. jars for $13 and a 16 oz. for $33.

Anyway, I tried this hair butter for the first time on a braid out.  Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the hair due to me looking super raggedy and just getting over the flu.  You can thank me later though because I think I spared your eyes. That flu really kicked my butt.

The smell of this is wonderful when you open it!  It reminds me of fresh Almond Biscotti or soft-baked Almond Cookies.  I know my hair must have smelled so good because my son just kept sniffing it and saying “Mmmmm.”

Directions for use

Koils by Nature - Sweet Almond Joy Directions (c) 2012 naturallystellar.wordpress.com

Koils by Nature – Sweet Almond Joy Directions (c) 2012 naturallystellar.wordpress.com

A little does go a long way with this.   After co-washing & detangling, I parted my hair in sections and applied the hair butter from roots to ends on damp hair.  I made about 7 large plaits, then sat under my bonnet dryer for about 40 minutes on low heat.  It wasn’t completely dry, so I just tied a light satin scarf on it and let it “air” dry.  I left the plaits in for a few days and took them out Christmas Day.

I thought the braid out didn’t come out as defined as I would have liked. My hair still smelled great, it had a little moisture but I felt like I needed to use another product with this to get the results I wanted.  I was a little disappointed with that given that this contains lots of natural oils in it.

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I tied my hair up that night and wore my braid out the 2nd day. By mid-day my ends were pretty dry.  I just wasn’t at all satisfied with how this worked for me so I did some further investigating.

After re-reading the product label, I’ve come to the conclusion that this product has too much coconut oil in it for me.  It’s listed 3 times in the ingredient list, 1st time as the 2nd ingredient in the list and 2 more times further down the list within the Aloe Butter & the Almond Butter. Now I’ve been natural for over 16 years, so I’m not new to using coconut oil on my hair.  I’ve used it for many years, but within I’d say the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve noticed great changes in my hair when using it regularly.    My hair has become more sensitive to coconut oil in large amounts.  Too much and it tends to dry my hair out no matter how many ways its mixed, melted or applied.

Here’s a close-up of the ingredient list. 

Koils by Nature - Sweet Almond Joy Ingredients (c) 2012 naturallystellar.wordpress.com

Koils by Nature – Sweet Almond Joy Ingredients (c) 2012 naturallystellar.wordpress.com

A little of it works great mixed with other oils, but too much and I end up looking like a tumble weed the next day. My ends become extremely dry and brittle.

I know Coconut Oil works wonders for a lot of naturals, so I’m not knocking it at all. I still use it in small doses, but I can no longer use products heavy in coconut oil, which is why I had to give up my favorite Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus cream & spray.  That was torture for me.   As with most naturals, I have to find the products that work best for me.

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I’m really sad that this didn’t work out because I love that this is 100% natural, the consistency is heavy enough and it smells heavenly.  I can tell that a lot of thought went into this and I’m sure it works great for some naturals.

I’m going to try this as a body butter next to see how my skin likes it and I’ll do a follow-up to let you know how that goes.   So for now, I’m strictly judging this as a hair product.

***Potential Risks***



  • It smells great
  • 100% Natural
  • It’s a 2-in-1 for Hair & Body
  • Thick Consistency, perfect for thicker hair grades
  • A little goes a long way


  • Price is a little steep (IMO) for a hair butter, but it is all natural and can be used on the body too
  • Too much coconut oil for the Coco-sensitive


Summary:  As a hair product, I’m reluctantly giving this a mid grade of because I’m unable to use it in this capacity.   I really wanted this to work. I may have to follow-up with Koils by Nature to see if they have another alternative that isn’t as coco heavy.

Have you tried Koils by Nature products?  If so, let me know what your experience has been like. 

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2 Responses

  1. Alisha (@Coily_Locks)

    Yea, my hair didn’t care for this at all but def love it as a skin butter! 😉

    • Naturally Stellar

      I have to say, I gave it a try & this stuff worked well on my skin especially feet, elbows & knees. Only problem is I have to rub it in my hands & wait until it melts all the way before I apply it or else I get little pieces of shea butter (I think) all over. I loved the smell & moisture it gives to my skin, but I can’t deal with the wait it takes to melt with every bit I’m using, so I just gave it away to my sister in law.


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