So I’ve been using this hair mist for almost 2 weeks now.  It’s been through 5 days of the flu, a braid out, a few days of the outdoors and the rest indoors.  During the flu, I absolutely had no intentions on fooling around with my hair, so I bought this just in time.Koils by nature protective mist bodifier

This stuff held up well to the dry heat of my house, where my space heater has been doing its thing to help us combat our high heating bill. It also worked well for me outdoors, given that the first few days of use I rocked my Afro in this finicky NC weather.

Koils by Nature Protective Mist Bodifier Ingredients



The product claims on the packaging say that this mist Moisturizes & Conditions, Coats hair & Stops breakage, Softens, Detangles & Removes Braids.

I used it for daily conditioning & detangling. When I got tired of wearing my afro, I sprayed my scalp and hair with this and lightly detangled for a comb out.  Then I used another shea butter product to plait my hair for a later braid out.  I’ll let you know all about that product in another review.  The plaits stayed in my hair while I was sick.  I mostly used the mist to moisturize my edges and ends during this time.  Some nights I didn’t feel like wrapping my hair so I just slept on my satin pillowcase. Even with that, I thought I would at least suffer a breakout due to the product and my super sensitive skin but No.  Nothing.   That’s a plus in my book.

This moisturizer offers a lot of slip and the consistency is kind of light, much like a curl activator, in my opinion. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Hawaiian Silky’s 14- in-1 spray.  O.K.  no comments on the look of the mist...I heard enough of those from my buddy already.


The more I used this each day, the more annoyed I got with the spray bottle. This can get quite slippery on your hands as you do your hair, so grabbing the bottle for more spray can become a slippery mess. I found it much easier to just unscrew the top from the bottle and pour it into my palm. The packaging may need to be revamped for this one. I think a squeeze top would probably have worked best for this.

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Other than that, I’m pleased with the mist. My hair stays moisturized when I use this daily. I have no brittleness. It does make my hair easier to comb through & part. I would recommend this for anyone that suffers from dryness or brittle hair like me, curlies who could use more moisture or those just looking to prevent breakage. It would make a great detangler for kids, especially given the nice price point.   Like I stated in a previous post, I purchased this for $1.47 from my local Target.

***Potential Risks***

This does contain some ingredients that I know a lot of naturals may not like, but I particularly don’t really mind.  This contains DMDM Hydantoin and Cetrimonium Bromide as preservatives.  DMDM Hydantoin is a formaldehyde-releasing agent that can cause allergic reactions in some people who may be allergic or sensitive to formaldehyde.  It’s no more or less than you might find in other cosmetics or shampoos, so use your judgment.

It also contains Cetrimonium Bromide.  This is an ammonium salt. Some people use this for its antimicrobial properties and as a preservative.

I make natural bath & body products as well so I understand that some people use different preservatives to increase shelf life.  I particularly use all-natural preservatives such as vitamin E, but to each his own.  

I do still buy some products that contain chemical preservatives but I’m slowly transitioning things out where I can.  Most likely I’ll continue to use this until I can find a better alternative or they drop the chemicals.


  • Very affordable price
  • Great slip
  • Moisturizes & Detangles just as it claims


  • Spray bottle can get annoying to use due to the slip of the product.
  • Contains chemical preservatives.

So I’d say in summary,  I really like this mist.  It is doing great things for my hair so far and my very sensitive skin has yet to react negatively to it.   So on a grading scale I would have to give this an A-, and that’s simply because I would prefer more natural preservatives from a “natural” product.

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