Saturday afternoon I sent a text to one of my friends (S/O to Erica! Glad we finally got together)  to see if we could do something because I was extremely bored and wanted to get out of the house to maybe do some window shopping.  Not only was I bored, but super broke (Curse you Sallie Mae!), so anything we did that evening would have to be either Free or Cheap 😀

I frequently visit Cameron Village in Raleigh to go to the library or eat at some of the local restaurants, but I had never taken time to just peruse the Fashion Boutiques.  So that’s what we decided to do.   My first impression was that every shop I was going to visit would probably have ridiculously over priced items or have a “snobbish” atmosphere, but I was very quickly proven wrong.  There is truly something for every wallet size.  Overall, my experience was fun & full of positives.

I really want to highlight 4 stores in particular that stood out to me as both a frugal shopper & as an advocate of unique style.   (Now when I say unique, I don’t mean you will never see someone wearing a piece that you own, but you probably will never see anyone rocking it quite the way that you can.   To me, that’s what style is.  Being able to create a look out of already existing pieces and turn it into your own masterpiece) Anyway, I thought the clothing & accessories at these places was top-notch, they had excellent sales people & relaxing/comfortable atmospheres.  Not only that, I was actually able to purchase some things for under $35 total, so I was really hyped after my experience and will be returning to Cameron Village very soon.


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The first store we visited was Bevello.  I’m a music lover so the very first thing that catches my attention are the tunes. In fact, a lot of the stores in Cameron Village had really good playlists with Neo-Soul, Jazz and some pop thrown in there.  The shop is very bright & colorful. We were immediately greeted at the door by a sales person, eager to help us.  But after letting her know that we were just browsing, a few things caught my eyes.  They have an awesome selection of handbags & clutches.   Lots of Leather, Suede, Studs & Shiny metal accents.  I am so in love with clutches this season, so that really drew me in.  Next, we moved on to the Sales racks.  They had a lot of nice Jackets & Dresses on sale.  I then fell in love with the jewelry displays.   The way that they showcase their jewelry is very inviting.  Lots of hot colors & affordable prices.  I saw gorgeous cuff bracelets on sale for $20 to $30 (My kind of prices!).  They had seating available in the back of the store for trying on shoes/boots.  Believe it or not, I have been to shops in the past that forgot to add a chair…Duh.  If you’re looking for something nice for a special occasion or want something funky & stylish head on over to Bevello…and tell them you heard about it from Naturally Stellar!      


Cat Banjo, Cameron Village (c) 2012

Cat Banjo

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A few doors down…We came across Cat Banjo.  This was a very cute little shop FULL of stylish accessories.  They didn’t have any sales going on at the time, but I saw tons of Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Scarves, Mittens, Neck Warmers, nick nacks and more.  The jewelry sets are to die for and the prices were very affordable even without a sale.  This would be a great place to grab a last minute gift for the Fashionista in your life. There are lots of unique pieces and again…more clutches!  Take a look at these beauties! (Drooling)


Cat Banjo Boutique – Cameron Village (c) 2012


Cat Banjo, Cameron Village (c) 2012

My absolute favorite clutch, made out of Cork!

FiFi’s Consignment Boutique, Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC
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FiFi’s Consignment Boutique

Ohhhhhh Snap!   Let me tell you about this boutique here!  My friend should have never introduced me to FiFi’s, because this is a Fashion Thrifter’s Paradise!  Oh my goodness, the high-end brands in this store that I saw at a fraction of the cost would make your head spin.   This place is ALL THAT!    I just want to take a day & style myself from the items in this store just to show you how FLY you could look at a bargain basement price.    Thanks to the helpful sales people for letting us know that FiFi’s is running a 50% off sale on any items that have been in the store for 30 days or more.  They have such great service in this shop and were very friendly.  I love buying from places where the people are really interested in what they do. And again, the music was dope!  On this trip, I was able to grab 2 stylish belts & a nice sweater dress for only $20.

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Ivy & Leo

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Last but not least, we visited Ivy & Leo.  I really like this shop.  They had a lot of funky dresses, tops & stylish outerwear.   I have my eye on a nice plaid wrap coat that is 20% off and a Blue Leather clutch with zipper accents….that is only $35.   I was actually shocked at the prices in this store. At first glance, I thought the price tags were going to be out of my range, but after flipping over a few I saw that they were very reasonable.  I would definitely shop this store for office wear or special occasion. It’s even great for everyday wear for the fashion conscious.  If you’re looking for Emerald Colored pieces…they have them here.  Oh yeah, and the scarves were only $12.99!

I have to give mention to Francesca’s as well. I purchased a really nice Cuff Bracelet from them for only $9.98.  They have a lot of nice accessories to choose from and I will be back to look around some more.  I ran out of time as the store was closing, so I will be making a return soon & likely doing a post about what I found.

I had such a great time. I’m glad I didn’t sit around having a pity party about how broke I was and got out to discover something new.   If you are in the Triangle area and you’ve never been shopping in Cameron Village, you absolutely are missing out on a lot of great finds & a cool shopping experience.

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