I love Patent Leather.  I can’t say I’ve always adored it.  I hated wearing patent leather shoes as a young girl because I was very much a tomboy and shiny shoes, in my neighborhood, only came out at holidays, weddings & funerals.  As an adult though, I absolutely can’t be without it.

This past week I scored a really cute black patent clutch while Thrifting. It was full of white marks but otherwise in great condition.  I bought it in the hopes that I could find a remedy online to remove the marks and restore the finish.

So I did a search and came up with a bunch of sites with how to’s and people opinions on what to use. I settled for one I found on Ehow.com, which was simple and I only needed things I readily had available at home.

I tried this method first on my cheapie clutch & after on my favorite plaid & patent pumps (There was no way in Heezy I was trying this on my shoes first).

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton Balls
  • A Clean Cloth (1/2 wet  1/2 dry)
  • Oil (preferably a very light one like Mineral or Grapeseed-My Choice)



Next I tried it on a pair of my good shoes…Dunh Dunh Dunh (my scary music in text)  Just Kidding…it worked!

How To Remove Marks from Patent Leather


How do you feel about Patent Leather for Fall/Winter?  Yay or Nay?

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