As some of you may know, I have been a part of the Kinky Curly Coily Me aka KCCM Castor Oil Challenge for this Fall, which ends on 11/30.  Last week marked the completion of 3 months for me.

Throughout this challenge I have been encouraged to use Castor Oil as part of my daily hair regimen.

I decided from the beginning that I would use Jamaican Black Castor Oil or JBCO, instead of regular CO because of the added benefits. I would apply it at least 3 times per week to my scalp & edges and use it to seal my ends at least 3 to 4 times per week.

So for the last 3 months I have been pushing myself to stay on track with my hair goals, and I have!  Basically, what I aim to accomplish by the end of this challenge are new formed habits of maintenance &  regular protective styling methods for the Fall/Winter seasons.  My focus really isn’t on growth. My motto is: If you Maintain it, Growth will come! (some of y’all won’t get that Field of Dreams reference :D) 

My current Protective Style

Fall 2012 Mini Twists. Naturally Stellar (c) 2012

I really wanted to do a length check for you again, but since I have these twists in, I’ll just wait until the final week of the challenge to take them down, give myself a much-needed henna treatment and take my “stretched” photos.

Speaking of Henna…I haven’t Henna’d since the challenge began and I really do miss it. I’ll also be posting soon to show you how I do my Henna Treatments & Store my mixtures for future usage, so stay tuned!

Interested in Joining or Trying?

There is another Castor Oil challenge via KCCM coming up for Winter 2012 and I’m thinking of just continuing on, but we’ll see.  If you’re thinking about joining the Winter Hair Challenge, registration is NOW OPEN. The final day to register is December 7th 2012. Castor Oil Challenge

If you decide that a challenge isn’t for you, I still want to encourage you to start  incorporating Castor Oil into your regimen wherever possible and challenge yourself to create habits  that will benefit your hair & beauty. The benefits that I have experienced have been amazing and they can be for you too.  I am now convinced with proof that CO really does:

  • promote growth
  • supports length retention
  • helps to thicken thinning hair lines.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention,  it has caused my eyelashes to grow as well since I started using the Oil Cleansing Method on my face.  I’ll tell you more about my experience with the OCM in a later post.


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So what are your thoughts about Castor Oil?  


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19 Responses

  1. luchessa

    Great post! I think Castor oil is great-your hair & scalp def benefit from it. I like using it a lot. Along with the almond, coconut and the oh so famous moroccanoil 🙂

    • Naturally Stellar

      Luchessa, I hope you won’t be offended by my question. I’m simply asking for myself & all the other inquiring minds out there. How do you use the oil in your hair? Hot Oil Treatment?

      I ask mainly because a lot of women (Caucasian…and I’m making an assumption here that you are based on your photo only) complain about oil buildup or not using products with oils in their hair because of the greasy feel, and so they tend to wash their hair more frequently or daily. What’s your regimin & what benefits or changes have you seen with your hair since you started using oils?

      • luchessa

        I don’t wash my hair daily, mostly every third day. I do warm oil masks and leave it on for an hour or so before i wash my hair. I also try to use some hair shampoo that contains argan oil in it, it find it a good combination with the mask.
        The best benefit for that kind of hair mask is that my scalp doesn’t feel dry anymore, especially during the colder time of the year.

      • Naturally Stellar

        Thanks so much for sharing your regimen. I have yet to try Argan Oil but I hear so many great things about it. Great blog you have too, BTW.

      • luchessa

        You are very welcome. I like to exchange experience & information on great brands & products. We all benefit from that. You are welcome to stop by my blog anytime.
        Stay warm! 😀

      • fortheloveofkinks

        Lol I actually asked him to bring me back Prickly Pear Seed Oil which is nigh impossible to get in UK but he forgot and got me Argan instead. A worthy replacement nonetheless :0)

    • Naturally Stellar

      I use Tropic Isle’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil, usually you can get a good deal through Amazon, but if you want to spend a lot less, you can grab a bottle of regular castor oil from you local drug store for under $5. The JBCO has a lot more benefits because the castor beans are roasted before processing and no additives are used, so it’s much more pure.

  2. pmoyo

    thanks for posting this. i missed the deadline for joining the fall KKCM castor oil challenge but I won’t be missing the winter challenge. thanks!

  3. BeingZhenya

    I love castor oil, I use it quiet often, but probably not as often as I should! I also use almond oil, since my hair is rather fine!


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