To my special reader Erin that asked for a follow up, this is for you! I never did get around to posting about my 4th and 6th swim class sessions in August so I’m going to have to try to condense my experience into this post. Well let me start off by saying that I can officially say now that I have truly overcome my fear of the water and I finally learned how to swim!

As An Adult, I Finally Learned How To Swim | Naturally Stellar

As An Adult, I Finally Learned How To Swim | Naturally Stellar


I Finally Learned How To Swim

By the end of my last class I was able to freestyle swim half way across the width of the pool, without needing to take a breath. That’s huge for me! My only problem now is breathing correctly, without taking in water. My instructor told me in my final lesson that if I can master my breathing, I would be able to swim some laps very soon.

I’m working on it. Getting my coordination and breathing to work in conjunction is a little difficult for me since it really needs to be done sort of effortlessly.  In order to breathe correctly I have to remember that as my arm comes up for a stroke I need to exhale underwater & take in a breath while leaning my head slightly out of the water on the opposite side of my extended arm.   A lot to remember right? Well imagine having to coordinate all of that while your moving through water!

I’m almost there though. Pretty soon I’ll be able to swim laps, and then it won’t really be about swimming technique anymore. It can just be great exercise.

As An Adult, I Finally Learned How To Swim | Naturally Stellar

As An Adult, I Finally Learned How To Swim | Naturally Stellar

What Has Changed After Learning Basic Swimming?

I am fully confident when I enter the water now. I don’t feel any anxiety about possibly drowning or not being in control.  The greatest thing I’ve learned is to trust my instincts & know that our bodies really do have a natural ability to float.  When I want my body to move a certain way in the water, I learned that I am in control of how my body moves.

I do have to keep in mind that everything that I have been taught & learned so far has been in a controlled environment so the real test I think is going to come when I apply my swimming techniques to an open body of water.

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My hope is that by sharing how I overcame my fear it will really help someone else out there to confront their own. There are still other things that I’d like to defeat. I just feel this experience is a stepping stone and will remain a constant reminder that Yes I Can overcome anything.

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