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MissJessie’s.  Everyone’s talking about it either you LOVE it or you can’t afford it 😀  I’ve been using MissJessie’s products for about 4 or 5 years now. I don’t use them as faithfully as I’d like to mostly because they are kind of pricey and I believe in budget beauty.  I can’t say that I like all of their products, but I can’t deny that they do make a few of my favorites that have been a part of my life for quite a while now.

Over the years these are the products that I have purchased & used:

Rapid Recovery Treatment

Sweetback Treatment

Curly Pudding (the Purple one)

Curly Meringue

Creme de la Curl

Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo

Stretch Silkening Creme

I’d have to say, hands down, they have some of the best deep treatments that I have ever tried, but the price is too rich for my blood. So what I like to do is take advantage of their annual BOGO sales, which normally run during the holiday seasons.  That’s when I stock up on my favorite products. I’m hoping that they decide to do the sale again this year so I can stock up on my deep conditioners & styling products.

One of their products that has been a staple for my twist outs, bantu knot outs, flexi rod sets &  many wash & go’s over the years has been their Curly Pudding.  It works really well for my hair. My twists & curls normally come out super springy & shiny, very well defined & super moisturized.

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Whenever I run out of my curly pudding, I mix up my own moisturizer of butters, oils & conditioners to use for protective styling, and it always works just as great!  Always the cure for my pudding withdrawal.

Sample Size Sweetback Deep Treatment 1oz.

Anyway, right now MissJessie’s is offering 2 free samples per customer (includes free shipping) on their website.  I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago. I got the Sweetback Treatment (because I missed it so) and I finally tried out the Curly Butter creme. I have a friend that raves about this stuff, but I wasn’t very impressed with the butter creme. I do love the peppermint smell, but it just didn’t do much for my spongy hair.

If you’ve ever wanted to try MissJessies products but don’t want to break the bank. Now’s your chance to try some of their stuff out to see which ones work best for your hair.  Try before you buy. Get em free!

Until next time, keep shining!



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5 Responses

  1. Naturally Stellar

    Yes I have. It’s a lot like the curly pudding. To me it has a slight stronger hold. It mixes well with real butters & oils. So if you want to use some shea butter or something in addition to this, you won’t get any white residue. It does smell so good, sort of like candy.

  2. vinegarandwater

    I like Miss Jessies she’s expensive as hell tho but when I can I do the Curly Pudding (the Purple one). I love the smell of it and I love what it does for my bantu knot outs and braid outs.

    • Naturally Stellar

      Yeah, I get really good bantu knot outs with that too. If they don’t do their BOGO sale this year though Im gonna have to get my mix on and come up with a great deep conditioner. I have a recipe for one that worked well for me. I blended all of my ingredients up well but it included a banana and after rinsing I couldn’t get these freakin tiny banana pieces out of my hair, even after several rinses, so it’s back to the drawing board for me.

      • vinegarandwater

        Oh no! not banana pieces in your hair. Girl it’s all trial and error and when you find something that works let us know! I’m thinking of trying the Curly Meringue. I love the smell it’s not too strong. Have you tried that?

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