So, this past weekend I took my son to Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh for their 5th Birthday Bash Celebration. It was a really nice event for families with free admission all day & $5 IMAX movies. Not to mention, parking was free across the street at Monroe Parking Garage.

Marble Museum Raleigh, NC | Naturally Stellar

Marbles Kids Museum 5 Year Bash

Because it was raining most of the morning and into the afternoon, I assumed there wouldn’t be a lot of people out and about with their kids, but I was quickly proved wrong.  It turned out to be  a very popular event.

When we arrived there was a line wrapped around from the entrance to the side of the building.  They had the street section of the museum on Blount St. blocked off and cute colorful pillars of balloons on display. There were jumpropes & toys available for the kids/parents to play in the street with.

After waiting in line, which wasn’t very long at all, maybe about 15 minutes or so we were greeted by some police officers & museum staff at the door and urged to keep an eye on our children. Kids were being urged to stick close to parents as well since the museum was packed with people that day.

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Safety Incidents Can Happen At the Museum

Inside, it took a little while for my son to warm up to trying out the exhibits. I think the amount of people inside made him a little nervous at first. It really was packed & kind of chaotic.

During the event, a child became missing that must have matched the description of my son. It seemed like every 5 minutes one of the staff would walk up to my son and start asking him questions.

“Is your name Christopher?” “Are you here with anyone?” Each time, I’d have to explain that he was here with me, his mom and No his name isn’t Christopher.  No we’re not with another party, we’re here alone together. No this isn’t the kid that’s missing.

Needless to say, after a while I was feeling really uncomfortable & kind of annoyed with the way they were handling the situation.  I felt like a freaking kidnapper. People kept staring at us as we moved throughout the museum because we were being approached so often. At one point I was just about fed up and ready to go, but my son wanted to check out some more of the exhibits and play, so I put my feelings aside and tried to enjoy the rest of our time together.

Marbles Museum 5 Year Celebration | Naturally Stellar

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I’m still praying that little Christopher was found. Hopefully someone noticed him playing or his family was able to locate him. My hope is that the museum would implement a better way to track children, much like they do at Chuck E Cheese, with a hand stamp or something for the child & their accompanying family.  It’s not that hard. I mean it is a Children’s Museum and unfortunately there are some parents that would rather spend time checking their phone apps & twitter feeds than watching or interacting with their kid.  I saw that a lot on Saturday.

Marbles Kids Museum Is Lots Of Fun

But anyway, all in all, I’d say we had a really good time. It was a great way to spend the day & get in some play time with my son. There’s definately enough to do to easily spend a few hours on a visit, so we will most likely come back again one weekend. I’m sure my baby would love that!

If you’re ever in the area, check it out. Be sure to attend on the weekend so you can take advantage of free parking. Oh and there’s a really nice restaurant across the street on the corner of Blount & Hargett called Remedy Diner. Good food, friendly servers, tasty desserts & lots of Vegan choices as well, if that’s your thing.

Have you ever visited Marbles?  Please feel free to leave comments & let me know what you think. 


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What’s your favorite Children’s Museum?  Does your city/town’s Children’s Museum have safety measures?

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