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So If you’re wondering what all the acronyms stand for, it’s the Kinky Curly Coily Me‘s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Challenge.

I had been hearing so many great things over the summer about Jamaican Black Castor Oil and it’s many benefits for natural Kinky/Coily hair.  I didn’ t want to pass up an opportunity to try it out so I opted to enter the Fall hair challenge going on at the KCCM website.

I am one of many women participating in the challenge that began on Sept. 1st and runs through December 1st, 2012.  During this period participants are asked to incorporate JBCO into their daily hair regimin’s.  There will be prizes given out throughout the challenge and a Grand Prize winner will be announced on December 8th, at the very end.

There are many ways to use Castor Oil in textured hair.  It can be used as a Hot Oil Treatment, Scalp Treatment, applied to your edges, used on your ends to define or used to seal in moisture etc. My favorite ways of using it are to mix it in with my homeade moisturizer & apply it directly to my edges & ends each day.

Each week there’s a Check In requirement where you have to answer a few questions & you’re also asked to participate by offering encouragement & interacting with other participants throughout the challenge.

My Length on 8/31 before my 3 month end dusting.

This week is our official 5 week length check!  We’re supposed to put up a photo of our beginning length on 9/1 & our current length so we can see the progress we’re all making. Here’s where my hair stood on 8/31. I trimmed it up on 9/1, but managed to snap a pic that day below on the right.

Here’s my length at the beginning of the challenge on 9/1. Freshly flatironed & trimmed.

So far, it’s been going great. My hair stays moisturized throughout the day now & I’m noticing hair growth around my edges that had been thinning. My thickness is returning & my hair is a lot stronger now, less prone to breakage & excessive shedding.

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As I continue on, I’m going to post pics of my progress with my comparison from week 1. Hopefully this will encourage you or at least encourage you to share this with someone that may be interested in joining.  There will be a winter challenge coming up and registration starts in November!

Once I take my length check pics for this week, I’ll post an update for you. Until then, Keep Shining!

-Naturally Stellar

****New Updates***

As promised, here’s my 5 week length check photos. I am really amazed at my results so far.  Not so much the length, but I am extremely impressed with how well my edges are filling in. One of my issues I was having for the past year has been the thinning of my nice hairline. It has become sort of a family trait for the women to start developing a receding hairline in their mid 30’s. This however has not been acceptable to me. I have been trying so many things to attempt to correct this, but to no avail.  Thank goodness I finally have been introduced to using Castor Oil in my hair.

KCCM JBCO Challenge 5 Week Check. Edges (my temple hairline) beginning to fill in.


If you compare my edges (lower left & pic on right) to the mulitcolored collage above (2nd pic, top right & both pics where I’m wearing the dark green shirt) You may notice the difference in how my hairline is beginning to fill in now and thicken.





5 Weeks in New Growth. Even with my trim on 9/1 I have surpassed my starting point of 8/31. The key for me has been staying consistent.

Well, today marks the check in for week 6, so I’ll try to post at the next milestone moment.  In the meantime, I’m just going to be patient, press forward & stay consistent in my regimin so I can achieve maximum results.

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Have you ever joined a hair challenge? If so, let me know about it!

I love hearing from my readers. Please leave me a comment below if you’d like,  Follow me on Twitter @NaturaleStellar or email me at NaturallyStellar at gmail dot com.  I’m also new to Pinterest, feel free to follow: Naturally Stellar.  I always do my best to respond to every comment.

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11 Responses

  1. Naturally Stellar

    It’s working and now I’m at 10 weeks into the challenge so It’s time for me to do another update. I just put in mini twists so I wanted to wait a little to do a length check until after I take these out. You should definately try the castor oil.

  2. LorriK

    I’m so interested in doing a hair challenge if for no other reason to learn ways to improve the health of my hair. I’ve never used castor oil but after reading this, I’m getting some tomorrow. Good luck!

  3. fortheloveofkinks


    I’ve noticed my baby hair comes down lower on my forehead since I’ve been using the JBCO on my hairline. JBCO is a staple in all my products I use and make!! I even add it to my soaps.

  4. pmoyo

    Please do a post on vitamins and supplements. I’m not too pleased with the vitamins that I’m currently using and I want to try something else. (p/s: I don’t know why my previous reply came out in a string like that). Cheers!

  5. Naturally Stellar

    Yes Maam! I started taking a daily multivitamin & I’ve been taking Biotin 1000mcg per day for the past 7 months. The Biotin has been doing wonders for my rate of hair growth & my nails. I’ve also been doing a lot of research lately and plan on getting more Vitamins D3, K and A into my diet. Believe it or not, these 3 are excellent for promoting better dental health & building stronger teeth.

    Maybe I’ll do a post soon about Vitamins since I’ve been dabbling with them.

    I hadn’t thought about drinking more tea, that’s a great way of getting in the water. Thanks for the tip!

  6. pmoyo

    I wanted to join this challenge, but I found out about it too late. Best wishes on your journey!

    • naturallystellar

      Thanks! Try to get in on the next one if you can. Its worth the effort. Also, is sponsoring a healthy hair challenge. Deadline is 10/3 to register. Im gonna join that one too. Check it out! I’ll offer support if u need Sum. I know i do 🙂

      • pmoyo

        Fantastic, thanks for the scoop on the challenge. I’m definitely signing up!

      • Naturally Stellar

        Ok I did all that talking and missed the deadline to join. LOL But I’m still staying on top of my regimin & taking better steps to improve my overall health & hair maintenance. Drinking plenty of water is a challenge for me right now, so I’m working on that daily. Feel free to keep me posted about your journey as well.

      • pmoyo

        Sorry that you missed the TBCH challenge deadline, but I’m glad to hear that you are staying on top of your regimen.
        Drinking water is also a challenge for me, but I try to keep up by drinking several cups of green tea a day. Are you taking any vitamins?

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