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Facebook. The site we love to hate and hate to love. Our online Achilles heel. The thorn in our E-sides that people seem to have the most difficult time staying away from or saying goodbye to. Every time you get fed up and try to call it quits,

Player’s song “Baby Come Back” pops into your head & you’re right back where you started, looking stupid with packed bags at your side. Once you’re hooked that’s it! It’s like that blue meth from Breaking Bad and every day/night we need another hit. Just a little taste.

It doesn’t matter how many annoying roll outs after roll out of “new features”, layouts & timelines they force on us, we still continue to throw tantrums, curse at our computer screens & threaten to switch to Google Plus or some other social network…Yeah right, like we’re actually going to do it.  The curses haven’t even fully rolled off our tongues before we’re back posting again. It’s really quite pathetic. But who cares? As long as I get my daily feeds of who ate what cereal for breakfast; get an insider’s view of every single stage of a “friend’s” pregnancy (including multiple sonograms), get to see photos of baby Timmy and his first EVERYTHING’s; graze through mounds of shares of religious & political propaganda, You Tube videos of cats singing, old people duking it out and people’s rants about every equally annoying episode of the next mindless, tasteless reality show, then I’m fine. I’m cool.

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Well, after recently celebrating another birthday, I decided to take a time assessment. An inventory if you will, of the use of my precious moments during the week.  My personal time.  We all know time is valuable and once its spent, can never be replenished. Hopefully, most of us understand that in order to be successful in accomplishing goals, one needs to manage their time wisely and/or optimize it wherever possible.

As I started to seriously evaluate just how much time on average I’m spending on Facebook, I started to feel embarrassed. So embarrassed, I’m not even willing to tell you how much time I’ve been averaging, I feel so ashamed.  So after verbally flogging myself I started thinking. With so many personal & professional goals I’m working toward, how did I ever allow myself to get sucked back into the Facebook wormhole…again?

Break-up chocolate

Instead of wasting time contemplating it or carefully planning when to do it, I just made up my mind immediately and put up a quick status post informing my FB peeps that I will no longer be partaking in the insanity. I am headed on to a much-needed Hiatus from Facebook. Of course, I will frequent my business page to post & interact because a girl has to eat but I’m hoping to put my personal page to rest for the long haul.  It has already been a week now since I “deactivated” my personal page and I’m not looking back.  I gotta shake the habit.

Really Facebook, It’s not you, it’s me. No, I’m not saying this is it…I just think we need to give each other some space, you know, time to grow. Who knows? I might date other people, you’ll probably date other people. We’ll both mature. It’ll be good for our relationship. Really it will.  You’ll see. Then in about 6 months from now, we’ll get in touch & see how it goes. How does that sound?

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-Naturally Stellar

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