So as I promised I will give an update on how my language learning has been going so far.  Oh wait! Before I get into all of that, let me first tell you what tools I’m using.  You know, in case you’d like to take on the challenge along with me 🙂  Hey, who knows?  Ok, so I’ll write a seperate post about my progress.

So the first tool I’m using, which I’ve downloaded to my android phone is an app called Babbel. You can find this in the Google Playstore or if you have an iPhone, it’s also found in the App Store.  Just Search for: Babbel or Click Here.  There are 11 languages available for you to learn.  The basic app is free, but as you go along you can pay to open additional modules within the program.  One of the things I like about Babbel is that they have something called a Review Manager. What this does is capture all of the words that you’ll need to keep reviewing, so that it reinforces what you’ve already learned.   So say for instance I studied French and it’s been a few days or a week since I’ve been on the app.  The next time I log in, I just click on Review Manager and it will pull up all of the words that I need to go back over.

The 1 thing I don’t like, which also happens to be one of the best features of the app is (and I’ll explain what I mean)  that it is extremely voice sensitive.  So just make sure you are in a quiet space when pronouncing words, as you’ll have to speak into the microphone on your computer or phone. Any little noises or extra voices in a room can cause you to have to repeat the same word over multiple times, which can be quite annoying.

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The fact that the app is so voice sensitive is also a great thing. I like knowing that it’s smart enough to let me know when I’m pronouncing the words correctly or not.   Let’s face it, who wants to sound like a Yokel?

The 2nd tool I’m using is called DuoLingo.  I signed up online and it’s free.  This site offers 3 languages,  Spanish, French & German.  I really haven’t had as much time on this site as I have with Babbel, but I can give you an overview of what I’ve experienced so far.

All of the lessons are a part of  a skill “tree” and as you go along, you earn skills points. From what I can tell it’s all about learning to translate words & sentences. It uses listening, memorization, reading & translation to help you KNOW the words. Example, here’s the first basic French sentence I translated and it really is drilled into my memory now:  Je suis une femme (I am a woman). Simple enough.

There are many free websites & apps available that help you learn languages. I chose these 2 because they had such great reviews and I researched them before signing up.  Find the way that works best for you and take that plunge.

BTW – if you’re already in progress, let me know how it’s going. Maybe we can encourage each other a little bit.  So, until next time, deuces!

-Naturally Stellar

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