So I promised I would post as I go through my swim classes to kind of give you an update on how things are going as far as conquering my fear.  All together there will be 6, 50 minute sessions, but I’ll post after every 2 classes to give a brief summary.  Well, let me just say that I am soooo glad that I decided to do this.

So on Day 1, the first thing we learned was how to back float. After using flotation noodles to get a grasp on what a back float feels like, our instructor then led each of us to try it without any aids.  Wouldn’t you know the very first “volunteer” selected just had to be me, of course. Why me? I don’t know, but it never fails.  I was beyond nervous. After a brief lesson on relaxing my body and trusting the instructor (Who is so great at what he does btw) I was backfloating on my own in no time and it felt so good.  I am so proud of myself.

The next step was learning to relax & hear under the water. So after each person took a turn dipping themselves under a few times, the instructor played a quick game.  He would dip down with each of us individually and through a pocket of air he would yell a number underneath the water. Our job was to relax & concentrate on the number.   Most of us, including myself, answered correctly.  For those that didn’t, it was mainly due to ther person either being too nervous to concentrate and/or not being totally relaxed. This was such a great lesson!

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So after about 50 minutes of class we all learned how to back float properly,  front float,  frontal glide through the water & how to take big steps and dive in, all without flotation aids.  I can honestly say that I am no longer afraid to let go and just trust that my body naturally knows what to do.  I can be one with the water as our instructor says 🙂

On Day 2, we went over all of what we learned in the first class as well as a few new tricks.  We spent a lot of time encouraging 2 new ladies that showed up to the 2nd session. By the end of today’s session we are all on the same page & doing great. Tomorrow we’ll start working on our kicks and propelling ourselves through the water.

So I guess it’s safe to say that my fear of losing control is officially gone.  I know now that it all boils down to trust. Trusting my body, Trusting my instincts, Trusting God to not let me drown 😀 and Trusting my instructor to guide me to become a great swimmer.

My next post will come after my 4th session on Monday, until then, be encouraged and keep conquering those fears!!

-Naturally Stellar

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  1. erin

    okay, where’s the follow up???
    i, too, am deathly afraid of the water. i would love to hear the rest of your story. i took the plunge to learn to swim two years ago but didn’t go back after the 1st lesson. i’m a very special case, i just can’t let go of my fear. so, please do a follow up.


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