What amazes me the most about fear is how early in life most of our fears are developed and just how deep they can go if you ignore them or never confront them head on.

One of my fears I’m determined to conquer is my fear of learning to swim.

Conquering My Fears: Learning How To Swim

When I tell people I don’t know how to swim, normally I get a response like “Oh, your afraid of the water huh?” My answer is always No. It’s not because I’m afraid of the water. In fact, I love the water. I love going to the beach and wading in a pool in the summertime.  I love the way the water feels on my skin and the smell of the chlorine in a pool. 

As An Adult, I Finally Learned How To Swim | Naturally Stellar

Why It Has Taken Me So Long To Learn How To Swim

What I can’t stand is the loss of control I feel when I go underneath the water. I don’t like the feeling of not being able to breathe or control what happens to my body out in the deep. When wading, I panic if the water gets too close to my neck or face.  The worst part of having this kind of a fear is the limitation it puts on a person. Not only won’t I submerge my head in a body of water, I also won’t do it at home in the bathtub or when taking a shower. I know that doesn’t make much sense to those that don’t share this fear, but think of it this way.  Couple all of what I said, with a few bad experiences of nearly drowing as a child and as a teen. I had one of my close school mates die in a public pool at the age of 15 and there you have it!  My fear of swimming.

Well, it’s been long enough. I’ve put it off for way too long now.  At this point, I can’t honestly look my son in the eye and tell that 4 year old spirit not to be afraid of the dark, or bugs, or wind up toys (don’t even ask). To tell him “don’t be afraid” is like a smoker telling their smoking children “don’t smoke”.  If I don’t conquer my fears now, how can I expect my child to believe me?  I want to be brave, just like I remind him to be everyday.

I’m Taking A Swim Class

So not only did I sign up for an adult swim class, but I felt like I really needed to be accountable, so I told my FB friends and told my family. I then sat my son down and said “Mommy is going to take a class to learn how to swim”. He asked, “Can I go with you to watch?”  As much as I’d like him to, just to show him how brave his mommy is, I know that I have to do this all alone, with no spectators.  But I have decided to document my experience through posts and pictures.

I hope that overcoming this fear of mine, will help another out there just like me to over come their own.

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