10 Black Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences To Book Now

If you enjoy wine tastings, have never been to one, or are just looking for something fun to do indoors, this is the post for you! I put together this resource of 10 Black virtual wine tasting experiences you can enjoy solo, as a couple, or as a group. 

10 Black Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences You'll Rave About | Naturally Stellar

I’m all about amazing experiences and I really enjoy a good glass of wine. But I have to admit, my knowledge and palette are very limited when it comes to wine. That’s one of the reasons why I find wine tastings so helpful.  They’re so enjoyable and I get to learn about the differences, unique tastes, and history of the vineyards and brands. 

So much goes into making a good glass of wine and even more goes into creating a product and brand that stands out in a mostly non-Black wine industry. That’s why I put together this list.  To celebrate, support, and experience some amazing Black wines and tastings available to us from a virtual setting. 

Now, it’s totally up to you if you’d like to try these solo or with a group. Here are 10 black wine experiences you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your home for. 

10 Black Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences

The Best Black Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences

Wine Spencer

Wine Spencer has created a unique virtual format of offerings on their website to inspire wine lovers and wine novices to join the tasting experience from the comfort of their homes. In less than a year, Wine Spencer has facilitated virtual wine tastings for companies like Google, Netflix, and Major League Soccer.

Current Wine Spencer virtual wine experiences to choose from include:

  • Wine 101
  • Old World vs. New World
  • All White Everything
  • All Red Everything
  • Let’s Get Bubbly
  • South African Wine Tour
  • Black-owned Wineries
  • Female Winemakers
  • Ancient World Wines
  • Food and Wine Consultation
  • Create Your Own
  • Seasonal (Holiday Wine Guide, Rose All Day)

For more information on the tastings and the Wine Spencer services, please visit www.winespencer.com. Also please check out Wine Spencer’s Instagram page. To learn more about Shaunna and Shayla Co-Founders of Wine Spencer, click here.

Twisted Corks

This Tennessee-based and Black woman-founded brand specializes in a variety of private wine tasting experiences. So, whether you’re planning a fun night in or a corporate gathering online, Twisted Cork’s 1-hour virtual tasting starts at $100. 

To learn more about Jasmine Dary, CEO of Twisted Corks, or to book your virtual tasting, click here

Soul of Sonoma

Soul of Sonoma is a black-owned family-run business powered by bi-coastal wine lovers from Washington D.C. and Napa Valley.  This family’s unique perspective allows them to offer their customers unique curated wine tasting experiences and exposure to premium African American wineries.  When visiting in person, they keep their tastings exciting by adding personal touches such as custom music playlists, food pairings, and visits to African American monuments and points of interest.  http://www.soulofsonoma.com/

Wine expert, Sherri Sheffield leads Sonoma’s fun and educational virtual wine tasting experiences. For more information about the brands virtual tastings, check out https://www.soulofsonoma.com/virtual-wine-tastings

Zuri Wine

Zuri Wine offers virtual wine tastings, tours, a wine club, and a host of other wine-related services. They also host travel events in both Los Angeles, California, and Cape Town, South Africa. 

Tuanni Price is the mastermind behind the brand whose goal is to ease the intimidation that sometimes goes along with wine & the accompanying lifestyle. 

To get started with the basics, you can take her Wine 101 class at home for only $35

Want to host your own wine tasting party? Well, Zuri Wines offers a 1 hour class for that too! Which comes complete with your personal shopping list, suggested agenda, downloadable game, and pronunciation guides for your guests. 

For more information about Zuri Wines and all they offer, click here

Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences by Black Wine Professionals

Love Cork Screw

Founder, Chrishon Lampley launched Love Cork Screw, in Chicago, back in 2013 where the lifestyle brand started out with 6 varietals of wine. Today the brand has expanded to a wide variety of wines and related products such as candles & body butters, gift sets, corky tees, and more. 

You can also find Love Cork Screw wines in-store nationwide and online at a variety of retailers such as Target and Whole Foods. Products aren’t shippable to AL, MS, DE, RI, or UT. 

The brand offers a wine club and a nice variety of virtual wine experiences, including Date Night and Virtual Fun With Friends options. Prices range from $60 – $90 per person with customizable options before checkout. 

Charles Wine Company

Charles Wine Company, established in 2012, is a family-owned and managed boutique brand located in Los Angeles, Ca. They offer 4 varietals of wine including a Symphony, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir & Chardonnay. 

They currently offer a wine club and home parties/virtual tastings for individuals, groups, and corporate events. Their pricing is a flat rate of $200. 

Vino 301

Vino 301 is a black-owned wine concierge company in Maryland that specializes in wine tours and exciting wine-centered events.  Their virtual experiences are created to be fun and interactive so they include things like prompts and games to keep guests engaged. Some of the themes you can choose from are All About Reds, Bring Your Own Pajamas, Keep It In The Can (canned wine exploration), and more. They also offer a FREE wine club membership!

Fees for the virtual tastings are $15/per person. Wine can either be purchased directly from Vino 301 or on your own with their recommended shopping list. 

For booking info, click here

10 Black Virtual Wine Tastings To Try

Theopolis Vineyards

Since its establishment in 2003, Theopolis Vineyards out of Yorkville, CA, has grown into an exciting and award-winning brand. It was founded by Theodora R. Lee

They offer a wine club and limited virtual wine tasting events throughout the year. You’ll need to keep checking their events calendar for upcoming dates. 

Frichette Winery

Greg and Shae Frichette are the husband and wife team behind the Frichette Winery brand. With limited shipping to 15 states in the U.S., Frichette offers 3 virtual tasting themes to choose from, including a mystery wine challenge (blind taste test). Or, you can create your own custom experience. 

For a complete list of available shipping states and info about booking, click here

The Urban Grape

If you are skilled at putting together a group for a virtual tasting, then you should check out The Urban Grape, out of Boston, MA. This isn’t your average wine store.  This husband and wife duo runs an award-winning Black-owned/woman-owned small business that also focuses on education. 

They offer 7 different virtual tasting themes to choose from including a Pairing 101, Wine & Chocolate, and Collection Tasting options. 

Packages start at $25/per person + the cost of wine. There is also a $250 flat fee for the Urban Grape wine educator to lead your 1-hour Zoom Pro event. 

For more information or to book your tasting, click here

If you know of another great Black virtual wine tasting experience that should be added to this list, let me know. 

10 Black Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences To Book Now10 Black Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences To Book Now10 Black Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences To Book Now
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