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Keep in mind that even if a product is sponsored, my opinion is not.  

I fully disclose whether or not a product is Sponsored on every review AND on ALL social media posts in accordance with FTC regulations.  I also like to use a simple grading system when summarizing a review, to make it easier for my readers to understand how well I thought a product performed for me.

There may be some products that I refuse to write a review for, simply because it performed so poorly that to write a review…even a negative one, wouldn’t be much benefit to the brand or my audience.  I will simply let the company know discreetly in private, that I did not like the product and explain why.   This is my own personal preference.

  • Unsolicited products or use of services sent to us in any form will be considered gifts (gratis) unless, at our sole discretion, we choose to share them on the site.  So please contact us first before sending anything.
  • Naturally Stellar does charge an advertorial fee for publishing a review of your product and promoting the review on social media or including on 3rd party websites such as Amazon, please contact me regarding your specific product so I can give you my rate.
  • If we come to a written agreement for fees, those fees must be paid via Paypal before the publish date of your Brands review post on the site.
  • I work with many Brands via PR firms or Blogging Networks. If you contract with one of our affiliated blogging networks and would like to work with us outside of these networks or their respective terms & conditions, that will be considered a breach of the agreement through those entities and no promise of a review or return of merchandise/fees should be expected.
  • Submitting your item/service for review does not guarantee that your product or service will appear on Naturally Stellar.  If we like it, we will review it and grade it. If not, we will let you know why as a courtesy and will not publish the review.
  • All reviews published on Naturally Stellar are done based on personal experiences when using the product or service. We do not post reviews for sample sized products or intangible items/services. No suggested language may accompany reviews, doing so turns a review into a sponsored post which we only do with full creative control & after being paid the Sponsored Post rate.

For more information on why this gifting and review policy was implemented, please click below to visit the IFB Fair Compensation Manifesto:

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