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Keep in mind that even if a product is sponsored, my opinion is not.  

How I conduct product reviews

I fully disclose whether or not a product has been given in exchange for review on every post and on ALL social media posts in accordance with FTC regulations.  I also like to use a simple grading system when summarizing a review, to make it easier for my readers to understand how well I thought a product performed for me.

There may be some products that I refuse to write a review for, simply because it performed so poorly that to write a review…even a negative one, wouldn’t be much benefit to the brand or my audience.  I will simply let the company know discreetly in private, that I did not like the product and explain why.   This is my own personal preference.

Please review these terms

  • Unsolicited products or use of services sent to me in any form will be considered gifts (gratis) unless, at my sole discretion, I choose to share them on the site.  So please contact me first before sending anything.
  • I may charge an advertorial fee for publishing a review of your product on my site if it includes things like, links back to your website, giveaways or links to points of purchase and/or for promoting the review on social media including on 3rd party websites. Please contact me regarding your specific product so I can give you my rate.
  • If we come to a written agreement for advertorial fees, those fees must be paid via Paypal before the publish date of your Brands review post on the site.
  • Submitting your item/service for review does not guarantee that your product or service will appear on Naturally Stellar.  If I like it, I will review it and grade it.  If not, I will let you know why as a courtesy and will not publish the review.
  • No suggested language may accompany reviews, doing so turns a review into a sponsored post which I only do with full creative control & after being paid my Sponsored Post rate. Brands I’ve worked with on Sponsored Content
  • All reviews published on Naturally Stellar are done based on my personal experiences from using the product or service. I do not post reviews for sample sized products or intangible items/services.  If I’m unable to test or experience your product or service, I cannot give a proper review.
  • I do not return ANY merchandise submitted for review.

**Naturally Stellar supports Small Business**

If you are a company or individual that would like to have your product reviewed on Naturally Stellar, please feel free to contact me at:

Naturallystellar (at) gmail (dot) com

Product Submissions can be forwarded to:

Naturally Stellar

c/o  C. Straughter

PO Box 58592

Nashville, TN 37205

Product/Sample Submissions: Please email the USPS/UPS/DHL/FedEx tracking information when sending packages to help insure that your package arrives at it’s destination & to help me keep track of shipments. Thank You.


Thank You for your interest in working with Naturally Stellar!