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Naturally Stellar is a site dedicated to Women’s Lifestyle including Beauty, Fashion, Food, Parenting, Health & Wellness, Travel, Career/Entrepreneurship & Technology. This blog specifically caters to Women ages 18-35, Millennials, Young Professionals, Stylish Moms and Creative Entrepreneurs. We love to cultivate long term relationships with our brand and PR partners.

Reach a specific segment of our audience or our general audience.


Most popular with Millennials, Young Professionals and Moms Ages 25 – 35

54% of our audience has Children

57% of our audience makes under $50K per year

Most popular posts viewed on the Blog are tagged in categories:  Beauty, Fashion & Fitness

Top 3 Interests of our Audience are:  Fashion, Cosmetics, Shopping/Luxury Goods

Our Traffic

Top 3 Viewing Countries:  U.S., Canada, U.K

Top 3 US Metro Cities: New York City / Nashville, TN/ Houston, TX

46% of our Audience views this blog from a mobile device (non-tablet)

59% are Mobile or Tablet viewers and of those, 57% of them use either an iPhone or iPad to view us



If you’d like to partner with Naturally Stellar by sponsoring a segment, upcoming event, Blog/Vlog post, please feel free to contact us below. We can:

  • Represent your Brand or Company at Events or Conferences
  • Conduct Giveaways of your products or service on the Blog, on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube) or at live local events in Nashville, TN.
  • Tweet or Post about your product, brand or service to Social Media Channels
  • Put up  a Sponsorship Badge (Your Logo) showing the world that YOU sponsor this blog and how much of a Star you are.
  • Host Live Chats for your Brand, Event or Service.
  • Create video promotions for your product, service or event.

and more…   Pitch Me Your Idea!



There a wide variety of advertising spots & site locations to choose from, with reasonable pricing.  

You can advertise on our static front page in a Leaderboard banner position (2 banner locations within the front page content)  or take a featured spot on our side bar.  We also have spaces available within the posts of the site or on custom sidebars on your favorite page or post.


  • 768 x 90 Leaderboard ($90)
  • 970 x 90 Banner Ad ($75)
  • 336 x 280 Homepage Sidebar ($65) 
  • 336 x 280 Right Custom Page or Post Sidebar  ($50)

all prices reflect monthly rates.  Special pricing given for all multi-month commitments. 


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