Hey Stars, I almost forgot to tell you all.  I was selected to be on the ChickFilAMoms Panel for 2017!!!   “Do we get free nuggets?”, you ask.  Ummm, No. But you do get to hear all about what this means and how the mom panel affects families that enjoy eating at Chick-Fil-A.



I applied to be a part of the ChickFilAMoms panel a few months ago because not only do I love the food, but I love how Chick-Fil-A really is all about families.   I love the service I get when I visit my local restaurant and my kids enjoy the play area and food options.  Now, the purpose of the panel is to give Chick-Fil-A feedback on their new initiatives and offerings (the ones they share with the group) that they come up with.  So for example, we may get a survey or asked about how we feel about the toys/prizes that are included in the kids meals.

ChickFilA Moms Panel | Naturally Stellar

ChickFilA Moms Panel | Naturally Stellar

ChickFilA Moms Panel | Naturally Stellar

ChickFilA Moms Panel | Naturally Stellar

I’m going to do my best to keep you updated on whatever I can and would love to get your feedback on things that I’ll be able to bring back to the group and the peeps at Chick-Fil-A.  This really is a great opportunity and I’m so glad to have been selected this year. 

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What Would You Like To See Change Or Improve At Chick Fil A?

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