*This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission should you decide to make a purchase using my links. Clicking never costs you a thing, but it does help support this blog, so Thank You!  I know you’re just counting down the final days until your little rays of summer sunshine take their butts back to school.  You’re not fooling anyone. I see your comments on Facebook and Twitter almost daily talking about…”I have my wine already picked out” or “next week can’t come fast enough!”  

Save Back To School Coins Cover

Yeah I see you. I see your goals of saving as much as you can for things like trips, new cars and homes. I also see the moms that are just like me who’ve barely started shopping and are dreading and already cursing at the thought of how much it’s all gonna cost in the end. 



Uh huh…I see you.   But don’t worry, I got you! This year I’m playing it smart. I’m strategically catching deals as they come vs. going all out buying everything at once like I normally do. This year I’m gonna pace myself and schedule out my shopping based on the best sales promotions I can find, for my items.  So if you’re looking for school clothes, uniforms and shoes, this post is gonna bless you.

Two weeks ago, I caught a bundle of school supplies on sale at one of my fav stores,  so I snatched those up with the quickness. Got a great deal on my son’s TMNT backpack too. 

Now I’m on the hunt for 2 pairs of shoes and about 5 pairs of uniform pants and I’m determined to keep it all under $80.

But how Sway? How?


  • I’m just dope like that with the budgeting (no seriously, I can budget like a Rock Star) 

  • I’m a Target affiliate so I get to see all the great promos they have coming out before the general public sees the ads, so I can plan my personal shopping on top of sharing the great deals.

  • Pre-planning what coupons I’m gonna use or Cartwheel deals before my trips will keep me within budget.  

  • I go online and add the items I want to my shopping cart a few days before the sale hits and just wait to apply the promo code. That way I can pre-determine my balance as I add to my cart.

  • It’s tax-free weekend in Tennessee! So extra savings.

Best Back To School Deals at Target

So, this weekend I’m taking full advantage of Target’s BOGO 60% off sale on school uniforms. In addition to that, if I spend $50 on clothes or shoes I‘ll save an additional $10! So I’m running to grab my last-minute stuff before school starts next week and sticking to my tiny budget of $80.  Yup! August 3rd is the first day back for Nashville and I already feel like…

Yeah I’m not missing a BOGO 60 % off plus $10 savings for $50+ on clothes and shoes.  If you wanna get in on this one, here’s a link!

Starting Sunday

Buy One Get One 60% off on Kids School Uniforms | run dates: 07/31/2016 - 8/6/2016

Buy One Get One 60% off on Kids School Uniforms | run dates: 07/31/2016 – 8/6/2016

Cat & Jack

I basically live in Target weekly. Last weekend, I spotted some of the new Cat & Jack pieces for kids and almost went crazy in the little girls section lol. Toddler sizes won’t be available until August 7, so I can’t wait to grab some stuff for my daughter. But this is what you can expect to see in Girls/Boys if you shop this weekend.


Girls’ Graphic Tee Cat & Jack™ – Space


Girls’ Cross Body Bags Cat & Jack™ – Silver Smiley Face


Girls’ Science NoteBook Multi-Colored – Cat & Jack™

Girls' Backpack Handbags Cat & Jack™ -Pink Dogs

Girls’ Backpack Handbags Cat & Jack™ -Pink Dogs

Kids' Patches Cat & Jack™ - Science

Kids’ Patches Cat & Jack™ – Science

Boys' Dino Print Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt Cat & Jack™ - Gray

Boys’ Dino Print Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt Cat & Jack™ – Gray

My daughter got attached to this cute hat on my last trip to Target. Baby Boys' Herringbone Fedora Hat Baby Cat & Jack™ - Grey

My daughter got attached to this cute hat on my last trip to Target. Baby Boys’ Herringbone Fedora Hat Baby Cat & Jack™ – Grey

Boys' Florian Zip Up High Top Sneakers Cat & Jack™

Boys’ Florian Zip Up High Top Sneakers Cat & Jack™

Boys' Reinforced Knee Pleated Pant - Cat & Jack™

Boys’ Reinforced Knee Pleated Pant – Cat & Jack™

So, like I said, I got you!  If you need to get in some clothes shopping for school but are on a tight budget or just want to save as many coins as possible, Target has really cute stuff for back to school, and you can get it right here. Save a trip to the store.  


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Are You Done With Your Back To School Shopping?

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