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Hey Stars, it’s countdown to SuperBowl 50!! Yup that means no more trying to figure out those roman numerals this year, they’re using actual numbers LOL. Playoffs are in full swing and we’re down to the last 8 teams. The big day is February 7th, 2016 on CBS.

Upgrade Your Sports Life With Xfinity X1 | Naturally Stellar

I heard Coldplay will be headlining the half time show and I hope the Steelers make it this year.  Anybody have plans for a big SuperBowl party? Me, I’ll be curled up with a big plate of loaded nachos & wings, in my bed, under my blankets. It’s been freezing in Nashville!

With Google Fiber coming to the Nashville area soon, people are already starting to compare the services being offered by their cable provider vs. what Google is gonna bring to their sports life, so I’m gonna help you break it down by showing you the comparison between my cable provider (Comcast) and Google.

One thing I can tell you right away is that Google Fiber doesn’t offer anything that allows you to watch live sports AND get all your scores & player stats at the same time, like the XFINITY X1 Sports App does.  No Bueno Google!

I fall into that group of people who need to get recaps, scores & stats vs. watching live games.   With my blog life and everything else, I rarely have time watch anything live anymore, except for Downton Abbey.  You can’t talk to me when that’s on. When I do get a chance to actually chill out to watch one of my favorite shows, it’s nice to be able to have the ability to check a score or 2 without interrupting my show or something my son or hubby may be watching. X1 just makes it easy.

I found out that Google doesn’t offer me the ability to watch what I want wherever I want or to be able to watch stuff offline by downloading to a mobile device.  Yeah, that’s not gonna fly in my house.  The more freedoms I have when it comes to technology the better.

Check out the X1 Sports App

What I like about X1 is that even if someone in the family isn’t into pro football, it still covers the scores and schedules to other favorites like NASCAR (My son’s personal favorite) , NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA (My favorite), NFL and various pro Soccer leagues (Soccer Tab in Sports App) and so much more.  I’ll tell you more about the other cool stuff that X1 can do to UP your TV/Movie watching game, at a later time.

But for now, check out this side by side comparison of XFINITY vs. Google Fiber –>

I hope you get to take a breather and relax this weekend. I’m gonna spend this Saturday working on a few blog posts, but I’m making a point to chill out on Sunday and catch the Steelers game & Downton Abbey. Looks like we’re in for another cold day. Have a great weekend Stars!


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So Who’s Your Team For SuperBowl 50?

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