Ionic Infusion Wrinkle Eraser Wand Review

I know that many of us out there are searching endlessly for the best beauty products or tools that can tackle our individual issues.  It has always been my goal for Naturally Stellar to help in the struggle by reviewing new products and testing product claims so that you have all the ammunition you need to make good purchase decisions.

I have received both compensation and a free beauty product from Swiss-Ultimate Labs/Tomoson in exchange for a product review on Naturally Stellar, while this product may be sponsored, my opinion is not. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I can’t say that wrinkles have ever been an issue for me, but dark under eye circles have never been my friends. The product I’m sharing with you today boast claims of being able to enhance skin tone, so I’m gonna see if it can tackle my dark circles and give me the results that I’ve been looking for.

If you regularly follow my beauty reviews then you’re aware that I like to use 5 simple criteria to measure each product and always give each item a grade at the end of my trial/test.

One point that I want to make before I begin getting into this beauty product’s performance is that, I was not supplied with any particular eye serum to use with this device.  So, for the purposes of this review, I used my regular daily serum that I prefer to use for my skin care needs.   With that said,  I cannot and won’t endorse any other additional product claims for eye serums associated with this device, because I haven’t personally tried them.

The Review

Product Claims – The Ionic Infusion “Wrinkle Eraser” & Under Eye Massager uses ultra sonic therapy & negative ions (micro electric pulses) to push eye treatments deep into the skin.  It enhances the effectiveness of eye serums and cream cosmetic products. The device lasts for 7-8 hours of consecutive use.  The device automatically activates.  The device is designed to provide a relaxing sonic massage around the eye, helping to enhance a youthful appearance.  Helps improve cosmetic absorption, resulting in visible firmness, skin-tone and elasticity around the eye.  (all claims based on the provided instructions)

Pricing – $17.87 plus free shipping on

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Contents:  A nicely packaged sonic infusion system with warranty information, instructions, batteries and a promotional Swiss Ultimate Serum wrinkle chart that you can use to measure your progress.



My Observations:  I love the packaging and presentation.  It gives off a very high-end feel when you open the box.  Installing the batteries was super easy.  After reading through the instructions and materials that came with the product, I tried to activate the wand to see what the feel is actually like on my skin.   To my surprise, I didn’t feel anything.  The product claims to give a relaxing sonic massage, but unfortunately this wasn’t my experience.   The device doesn’t vibrate at all.  It doesn’t even make a sound, so I couldn’t confirm if it was actually doing anything at all.    Now maybe I just don’t understand sonic technology or how it works, but my wand felt like a dud.

Seriously there should be some way to test whether or not this thing is actually turned on.  There’s no indicator light and it’s not supposed to be submerged in water, so I can’t test it with a cup of water to see if there’s movement that I’m just not experiencing with the naked eye or ear.

Ionic Infusion wand activation bar

Wand “activates” by placing fingers on the metal strip shown.

My Results:  I followed the directions for activation and used my wand in conjunction with my under eye serum.   I didn’t notice any difference in absorption of my serum from using the wand vs. using the pads of my fingers to massage my under eye areas.  The elasticity and skin tone around my eyes after using this product haven’t really changed and I didn’t get to experience that sonic massage as the instructions claim.

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Grade:  I really do hate to have to give a product a bad grade, but if it doesn’t perform based on the product claims then I can’t endorse it.  It does come nicely packaged and is priced competitively, but because I couldn’t experience any of the claims given in the accompanying materials,  I’m going to have to give the Ionic Infusion “Wrinkle Eraser” Wand & Under Eye Massager a D.


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