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Hey Stars!  The next designer on Target’s horizon is Lilly Pulitzer and it is looking GOOD!  Very feminine and full of Summertime fabulousness.   There are pieces in this collection for Women, Women’s Plus, Girls, Toddler Girls, Home and Beauty.


The cool thing about this is….it debuts the day of my 13th Wedding Anniversary…Yayyy!!!  Hubby knows how much I love Target AND clothes, so it looks like I’ll be getting my anniversary shop ON.  This collection is very exciting. From the colors to the gorgeous beachy feel, it really does stay true to Lilly Pulitzer’s legacy designs. Plus, the prices are looking pretty good and I’m especially loving the variety of pieces for toddler girls and home.  April 19th is the day peeps!

Here’s a peek at some of my personal favorites.

Lilly Pulitzer Picks

lilly Pulitzer Home

Lilly Pulitzer for Target


Click here for the interactive Lookbook

or view all 250 items in the collection without all the fuss HERE


Hey Stars, Are you feeling this collection? What designer do you wish Target would partner with in the future?

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