I’m hoping we can lay to rest that ever-present and often ambiguous blogging question.  How Do You Get People To Leave Comments On Your Blog?

Get Comments On Your Blog


So I see this question asked very frequently in a lot of my blogging networks and groups. “How Do I Get People To Leave Comments On My Blog?”

Most of the time you see responses that urge you to do little writing tricks like, leave a question at the end of your posts or have a giveaway where you force people to leave a comment to have a chance to win. Those are all well and good but alone these probably won’t compel people to regularly drop their two cents on your blog or come back. Plus, your bounce rate is really gonna suck rocks.

In my opinion, my blog is small. At least in terms of audience size, my blog isn’t what I would consider huge.  However, my audience engages with me on my blog.  My Stars leave comments and click links on my posts fairly regularly and I appreciate every bit of interaction I get from them.  They’re my peeps. This is why I created my blog in the first place.  It’s a place for me to connect with other people and share my musings and the things I’m interested in.  It’s also a place where people can really get to know me and hopefully get a taste of the personality on the other end of their computer or smart device screen.

  • If your mindset has been/is all about you getting comments without evaluating what you’re offering people, in exchange for interaction, then you need to bookmark this post.
  • If you have been banging your head asking yourself, “Why don’t people comment on my posts?”, you need to bookmark this post.
  • If you think you’ve done all that you can do and people still won’t leave you comments, you need to bookmark this post.

I think that just about covers all of the people with the comment question out there.

Get Comments On Your Blog

Do you want to know why my audience engages with me?

Because I engage with them! Not just on my website.   I go to their blogs.  I connect with certain people professionally on LinkedIn (if you’re not on LinkedIn and you’re serious about being a professional, you’re missing the boat). On Facebook, I share my personal likes, raves, rants and foolishness on my personal page and they haven’t disowned me yet!  LOL!! On my FB fan page, I share other bloggers pages, that I like. I add my favorites and all things associated with my blog.  Plus,  I add stuff like my blog feed, Instagram and Pinterest feeds to my page tabs, to make it more convenient for them to see what’s going on with Naturally Stellar, in various places out here in these “Internet Streets”.  In networking or interest groups, I don’t just do drive by post droppings.  I hate those, and the people I’m trying to reach do too.  Please don’t do that.

I like to engage and consistently participate.  If I can’t do that due to time constraints or other issues in my personal life, I leave the group.   If I can’t be fair in my participation or engagement in a group, then I’m of no value to the other members in that group and I’m really not forming any relationships.  On pretty much all of the major social networks, I’m engaging.  I get to know my audience and recruit new audience members.

When you are out in the “Real World” and you’re networking, what do you normally do?  I would hope you would say, I introduce myself. I tell them a little about myself and then I ask about them.   I take an interest in them as a person or as a business etc.    Well that is exactly what I do here on Naturally Stellar.   I let people know who I am.  I ask them who they are. I study my audience.  I try to find out what they like. What they don’t like. What they do. Major metros where they live.  Are they married? Single?  Do they have kids?  It’s not all about me and my life.

I may not get 50k or 100k views per month yet & don’t even have very large social media followings yet, BUT my audience engages with me on my blog. How do I get them to comment? I don’t!  You can’t make people leave you comments no matter how hard you try.  I just work hard to let them know that their input is important to me.  I really engage with them. Not just by liking their posts on social media either,  because anybody can click a like button.  I can click like buttons all day.

I also keep in mind that while many of my readers are other bloggers, I still have plenty that are not.   So making sure not to alienate my non-blogger peeps is very important.  I try to stay away from blogger jargon and lingo because nobody outside of the blogging world understands that $#@!.  I keep that talk within my blogging groups where it belongs unless I’m writing a post about blogging.

When someone leaves a comment on your blog, the least that you can do is follow-up on that comment.  You are not some big time celebrity or character that can afford to ignore the little people.   People want to know that you saw their comment.  Acknowledge their input.  Tell people you appreciate them reading your blog.  Show your personality. Show that you’re actually interested in their point of view even if it differs from your own.  Be real in your responses.  Show emotion. Follow Up!


  • Provide content that people actually want to read or see
  • Add pictures to your posts.  Nobody wants to read a dissertation of blah, blah, blah with no breaks or pauses for the eye.
  • Leave a comment question at the end of your post if you want input
  • Ask that same comment question on your social media pages with a link back, if you want your social media followers to comment on your website vs. your social pages
  • Know the difference between your blog and social page audiences and who they are,  they may actually be different
  • Study your analytics
  • Thank people for sharing your posts
  • Take notes of what works and what doesn’t for your specific niche
  • Appreciate your audience



  • Try to do what every other blogger does.  Set yourself apart
  • Act like a celebrity, it is not your right to receive comments just because of who you are (or who you think you are) Or how magnificent you think your post is
  • Be afraid to ask your audience what you’re doing wrong or what they’d like to see
  • Forget to offer something of value to your audience
  • Always think that just because someone didn’t leave a comment, then that means they didn’t read your post and thoroughly enjoy it. Some readers are actually shy, you know, just like in real life.
  • Beg for comments…it makes you look desperate

Until next time Stars,   work at earning those comments!



 Your Thoughts?  Any Other Tips You’d Like To Share?

 (you like that little trick I did there huh 😉 )

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56 Responses

  1. Titus2Homemaker

    Oh, but PLEASE, pretty please, won’t you comment on my blog? 😉 j/k!

    I think that a lot of posts just simply don’t REQUIRE comments. I know I read a lot more posts than I comment on, and I have a big mouth! But people don’t just leave comments to leave comments. So when I post something polarizing, it gets comments. When I post an “I’m clueless, please tell me how YOU solve…” post, I get comments. But most of my posts don’t typically get a lot of comments. I honestly think that’s okay; people are still reading; they just got out of the post what they needed, and didn’t feel a need to add anything.

    I’m wondering how you added your blog feed to a Facebook tab. I would love to do that! Do you have a post about that somewhere?

    • Candice S.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. The day I start begging for comments or start getting mad because people don’t leave comments is the day I quit blogging.

      No I don’t have a post about the Facebook tab, but I can just tell you how to do it. Email me! naturallystellar (at) gmail dot com

  2. Kiianah

    Thanks for the helpful tips. I think engaging the reader and having a “call-to-action” is key. I see people are coming to my blog, but not commenting like I want them to. I realize I do the same thing. Very rarely do I comment on a topic unless it is debatable, or if I can totally relate and want to share my experience. I have to do better engaging blogs, I have been stalking yours for a few months now and this is my first comment!

  3. Ms. Rosie

    Even though my blog is new, not having people comment is definitely one of my concerns. Google Analytics let me know that they are there, but it doesn’t feel like it sans the comments. Lol. Great tips! Thanks!

  4. The Posh Blog

    You got me with the “analytics” bullet…I need to make time and just dive in. My followers engage on IG heavily but the website gets NO love. Thanks for sharing and I have work to do.

    • Candice S.

      You always post great product photos. I have to admit, I don’t always comment on all of your blog posts but I’m always following and love looking at the gorgeous makeup you photograph. Sometimes I can be one of those silent readers, but when I do comment it’s always because of a pic. It seems like you live at the beauty counter and stay coming home with great cosmetics.

  5. Laryssa @ Let's Talk Sakura Luxe

    Great post! I’m going to buckle down and schedule time each week to comment on other blogs and engage my readers and others on social media.

  6. Welli

    Great post Candice. I like the “don’t think that because someone did not leave a comment they did not like the post”. A friend who encouraged me to blog, himself a writer as well, said he will write even if an article benefits one person only and that was enough for me to be inspired to continue and preserve with wide readership being a by product of that.

    • Candice S.

      I feel the same way as your friend. I started my blog for myself and it has grown to have a pretty nice sized audience. I like being able to write freely without focusing on whether or not someone is gonna comment on it.

  7. jbutler1914

    Those are some very good do’s and don’ts. People should definitely engage with other bloggers.

  8. Jeri Walker-Bickett (@JeriWB)

    All great points. I think a lot of people have only a tentative grasp of how much hard work it takes to cultivate a sense of community that garners blog comments. I’ve been helping a friend get her blog set-up, and she can’t believe the amount of time I put into it, but a person has to love blogging or it gets frustrating fairly quickly.

  9. Dawn Kropp

    Good tips! Engagement is key. I like to ask a question at the end of each post to trigger a response 🙂

    • Candice S.

      I agree Liz, which is why we have to be crafty at compelling people to interact. But then we also have to be okay with non-responders if our tactics don’t work. Thanks for your comment 😉

  10. justamom8225

    Asking questions are a great way to engage comments.. and not having any hoops to jump through is nice too (captcha, especially ticks me off)/

    • Candice S.

      I feel you. I detest Captcha!!! I wanna throw darts at it LOL. I also don’t like log in gates. Anything that makes it inconvenient for me, makes me want to just leave.

  11. Lisa

    Great great tips! Don’t ignore the comments that are left – respond, ask questions, get them to come back and keep the conversatin going!

  12. andleeb

    All the tips are very nice. I have started recently and learning to engage audience.
    I am trying to comment on as much posts as possible with honesty a hope that some day I will get as well. I always try to reply to every comment and believe in thank you.

  13. Tanya Coffman

    These are some really great tips! And just to affirm what you said, I had several blogs that I followed for years and would pin a post or email to my friends, but never left a comment on them. It wasn’t until I became a blogger that I realized how much of an important impact I could have been to those blogs 🙂

    • Candice S.

      Tanya, what you did was a great help. Pinning and emailing is equally important. Engagement simply means getting your audience to initiate an action. When you share a post, this is a great help to the author because now they’re reaching a wider audience. Your comment is for YOU. It’s your side of the convo. So even if you don’t leave one, share the post or click Like, if you liked it.

  14. lenie5860

    These are great tips and I will definitely pick up some of them. Right now I’m trying to find a comment tool that will let people know that I’ve commented on their post. I think that would be an important start. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Tim

    Spot on with all those points and especially the begging for comments one…even thoguh I seem to see that has tapered off a lot from a few years ago. You are right that networking online should not be viewed any different than networking in person. Introduce, engage, interact, promote, and have fun.

  16. Tricia The Good Mama

    Great post! I’m a new blogger, so these tips are perfect for me. All of the social media is a little overwhelming, but I am trying my best to engage with other bloggers. I am pinning this!

  17. Masshole Mommy

    Those are such great tips. I always found that leaving comments was a good way to get people to leave them back.

  18. Pamela Chollet

    Great article! Your “voice” is real and that’s why people relate and interact. I find on the mega million sites the comments aren’t interactive they’re not writing to engage at all. It’s all about the comment, trying to make it funny or mean (the worst) almost as if the commenter is getting the 10 seconds of fame.

    • Candice S.

      Yeah. My hubby tells me all the time, it’s a gift to really be able to sound real when you write. A lot of people can’t do that. I never really paid much attention to it, until I got serious about my blog life.

      You’re so right about the comments. I would much rather have people leave a real comment than just a high five kind of reply. Truthfully, it’s just as important that I get to know who you are. My thought is, I don’t really need comment Kudos. I’m just not that chick, but love it when you tell me what you’re really thinking.

    • Candice S.

      See! It’s funny because you’ve seen it happen. I’ve come across too many blog “celebrities” who know in real life, offline, they’re just known as Lisa from the mailroom. Stop playing Lol.

  19. Katrina D.

    So glad I discovered your blog. As a new blogger I like reading tips and tricks to help me become a better blogger. Like you said your readers are “your peeps” and engagement is key, I am currently working on this…great post!

  20. Regina

    These were all really good points Candice. I do struggle with getting comments on my Facebook Page for some reason. I’m not sure if its because of a lack of reach or if I could engage there more. Not exactly sure but your post has encouraged me to dig a little deeper. Thanks.

    • Candice S.

      I think MOST of us struggle with people even seeing our posts on Facebook, let alone commenting on them LOL!!! Facebook changes their algorithms faster than we change our panties. I think the trick with Facebook fan pages is to join interest groups and engage with other people’s fan pages. Also try to build favorites lists so you can always see your interests show up in your feed. That’s a great way to get interaction on your page and see/share the content you really like.

    • Candice S.

      Thanks so much Diatta! It’s funny because this post has had a LOT of visitors but very little comments. It’s like I said, Don’t always assume people didn’t like your post or think it’s useful. Sometimes people just don’t like commenting or feel shy or don’t want to be the first to leave a comment. Thanks again for resharing and I saw your retweets on Twitter too. I appreciate it mucho!

  21. Yona Williams

    Great tips. I know that genuinely engaging with others, showing love on their posts, sharing interesting content is a good way to connect with your audience. Also, pictures really do help. It’s what makes me stay on a post or site longer.


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