This is a Stellar Public Service Announcement.  Scandal is set to premiere on September 25th at a new time 9/8c.  I saw this tweet today from Shonda Rhimes and it had me thinking.   I hope this season will still have some jaw dropping moments that make sense or I’m off to NetFlixLand.

I’m serious,  this better be something to talk about because my NetFlix is looking mighty good right now.  I didn’t believe it when people were hollering about how good OITNB is, but after re-visiting the 1st episode, I’m hooked now.  I still think it’s a little raunchy at times, but the writing and the characters are genius.   I’m still on season 1, episode 10 but should be caught up by the time Scandal rolls back around.

So Shonda, you better be on point.  I mean it looks like we may be “Short” Harrison’s character because he may/may not be dead & now Columbus has confirmed he won’t be joining the cast,  as he faces his domestic abuse charges SMH…dummy face.  Oh and please don’t show me any more Huck & Quinn slobber kisses.  I don’t think my stomach can take it. Looked like two St. Bernard’s lapping up their water bowls.  Daddy pope is still just as crazy as his flesh-eating ex (remember back when she chewed her arm?…gross), Daniel got 1-8-7’d, the Prez’s son was poisoned and Olivia and Jake flew off into the sunset like they were headed to their honeymoon in Paris.

It just seemed like just about every character on the show was at 100 when it ended.  I mean just about every story line was covered in that last episode.  I’m just curious to see what becomes of Olivia and the Prez’s relationship now because it just seems like 2 of the messiest people I’ve ever seen on a show can’t possibly go on after all that mess from last season.  That is unless they’re robots.

I’m ok with the new time too, I’m glad it’s gonna be coming on an hour earlier so I can throw my son in the bed and take a nice hot shower before it starts.

Gladiators are you ready?



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  1. twinsmommy

    I love scandal. I started watching it just, last year. I cannot wait to see how Olivia deals with what her dad did.
    Sad, for the deat of President’s son though!


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