Hey Makeup Stars!    I saw this video on YouTube this week and thought it was one of THEE best DIY’s I’ve seen in a long while.   I know I have quite a few soon to be MUA’s and professional Makeup Artists subscriber’s and followers so I want to share this with you on the off-chance that you are in need of an inexpensive way to get the Makeup case of your dreams.  Those things are super expensive! There’s no way in heezy I’d pay regular price for one of those travel makeup cases. So here’s a video to help you save some money while you’re pursuing your beauty dreams.

DIY LED Makeup Train Case | Naturally Stellar


The following video tutorial is brought to you by GlamourMakeupByNancy.  I currently subscribe to her channel and initially fell in love with her due to her fabulous thrift hauls.  Since then, I’ve grown to really like her other videos about beauty and DIY beauty.  She has a fly makeup organizer DIY that I’m gonna try out soon too.  In this video Nancy is showing you how to create your very own DIY Makeup Case with Mirror and LED lights.

Here’s a list of the items you’ll need for your makeup case according to Nancy’s description box underneath her video on YouTube, so I included all the clickable links you’ll need in this post.   Remember, if you have any questions regarding the video, please direct them to Nancy in the comment section underneath her video on YouTube.  I can’t help you with anything in that department.  I’m in the same boat as you so it’ll be the blind leading the blind.

Also, FYI if you have no plans on converting your LED lights from regular battery power to DC, then you won’t need everything listed below. (You’ll see what I mean as you watch)

Enjoy The Video!

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