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Julep Estelle

Do you ever just want to sparkle and shine, even if you have no where to go?  Well, I do. Quite often…sadly.  I decided to dedicate this manicure to those days and to all of us that just want to shine for absolutely no reason at all…other than to simply say…”I Look Good!”

This Moody Manicure features a gorgeous polish from Julep called Estelle 3294.  Julep describes Estelle as a “Midnight Black with Holographic Shimmer”.   I describe it as more of a charcoal black and highly textured.  It takes a few coats to get to a midnight and you don’t really get to see the full effect of Shimmer until you add a few top coats of clear polish to balance out the texture.

I think this is a great polish and I was eyeing my manicure all week long, constantly flashing my nails wherever possible.   I thought I was cute.  This really seemed to bring out the show-off in me LOL!

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So this polish has very quickly become one that I can’t live without.  It really is unique and although I would have preferred it to be more high-shine, a simple clear top coat does the trick of finishing it off.    My manicure did last longer than expected, about 5 days. But I mostly accredit that to sealing my nail edges and giving my mani a boost with a top coat on about day 3.

I think this is going to be the color for my next Pedicure because I’m sure of the staying power and this will look great this Memorial Weekend with some open toe sandals.

Yes, Julep Estelle is a keeper!


Wanna buy Julep Estelle?  Click Here! Buy Julep Estelle Now!   I even have some discounted Julep polishes in the Star Shop if you’re interested.   Well until the next Moody Manicure…keep those digits and piggies sparkling!

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