No More Spiralling Out Of Control, Use FlexiRods

NaturaliStars! Flexirod sets are a great way to transform your natural hair look.  They’re perfect for special occasions and can be maintained for up to a week if you properly set them at night and wrap your hair in a Satin Bonnet or Scarf.   You can switch it up a bit each day for some added flavor, by adding accessories such as clips, headbands or flowers.

Flexi Rod Set Finished Look | Naturally Stellar

My newest natural style was accomplished by using just a few natural hair care products.  Some of them were courtesy of my complimentary CurlKit. (shouts out to the folks over at CurlKit for thinking of me.  Full deets about my 1st impressions and what else was in my box is on my YouTube channel NOW!!!) I want to share some tips with you on how you can achieve a great Flexi Rod Set and show you exactly what I did to get these beautiful results.

Let me begin by saying that I am in LOVE with my new spiral curls.   These came out so much better than I anticipated. My hair feels super soft, it’s shiny and bouncy.   I was so afraid  that it was gonna come out all Crisp-ity Crunchy because this was my first time trying  a few of these products,  and I wasn’t sure if the combination would work well, flake or flop, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Here’s an Infographic of what I used and you can feel free to Pin This, Share It or Save It for later use.

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To Achieve This Look

First, I washed my hair during my normal shower using Haute Textures Sulfate-Free Shampoo and followed up with a deep conditioning treatment using my go-to ORS Olive Oil Conditioning Pack.  After my final rinse, I gently squeezed off the excess water and covered my hair with a Stay on Satin Pocket Bonnet before stepping out of the shower.

Side note:   A satin bonnet or a satin scarf does wonders to remove excess water, preserve smoothness, decrease frizz and allows me to keep my curl definition after showers.  I prefer this method over using old t-shirts because my curls tend to respond much better.  Next time it’s wash day, switch out your old t-shirt or towel and give Satin a try. 

I then applied the Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner to my entire head.  I made sure that I took my time and divided my hair into sections and sprayed each section thoroughly.  No need to over saturate your strands.

Next I sectioned off my hair to prep for my rod set.   Here is a diagram of how I sectioned it and what rod sizes were used by color, as most rod sets tend to be universal in colors/sizes.

Head Diagram of Flexi Rod Sections and Sizes

Now, I prefer to use my fingers to section each individual part.  I do this to achieve a much fuller look (if you have thinner hair, this is the best way to go IMO).  So I began finger sectioning, making sure to section according to rod size.  Larger rods get larger sections, smaller ones – smaller sections etc.   For the Blue Rods, I tried not to go more than (1 inch W by 2 inches L) for each section, and accordingly for the other sizes.  For each part, I applied a small amount of Eco Natural Styling Custard.   I’d say about a quarter sized amount for the blue rod sections and less for the others.   I also sprayed each section with 1 to 2 sprays of my Eco Natural Styling Custard mixture 2:1 (2 parts SL to 1 part Water).  I then made sure to comb through each part from tip to root, starting with a medium-sized comb and then on to a fine tooth comb before setting on the rods.   I started at the front of my head, then to the top, sides, nape and finally to my larger blue back section.   Altogether I used about 33 Flexi Rods.

I then sat under a soft bonnet dryer on low heat for 45 – 50 minutes to make sure it was completely dry. At this point checking emails or doing a mani is a good way to kill the time.

After Dry Spiral Set with Flexi Rods

Once dry, I slowly began removing the rods by twisting in the opposite direction until the tips were loose.

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Tip:  Once you start feeling your hair ends beginning to slip from the rod end, quickly begin to use the rod to re-twist the hair in the direction it was rodded in, while slowly pulling down to remove the rod at the same time.  This will keep your curl direction and definition in tact.

Naturally Stellar | Flexi Rod Set Tutorial

Flexi Rod Set Tutorial | Naturally Stellar


After the Flexirods were totally removed, I coated my hands in about a quarter sized amount of the Keravada Super Ego Oil and began separating my curls.   I separated the larger curls into 4 sections each, Mid sized and Mini’s into 3, making sure to coil the curls around my finger in the same direction that it was rodded.   I reapplied oil to my fingers as needed until I was finished separating. Natural Hair, Spiral Set, Flexi Rod, Naturally Stellar, Natural Hair Styles, Low Heat

Voila!  Bouncy, Shiny and Spunky Spirals that will give you Life all week.

Finished Look | Flexi Rod Set Tutorial | Naturally Stellar

You can find more hair pics on my Instagram !!!




When was the last time you wore Spiral Curls or attempted a Flexi Rod Set?

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Stop Spiralling Out Of Control, Use FlexiRods
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