4 Simple Tricks to Make Your Blog Content More Conversational

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This is the first post of my Blogging 101 series.  I am so excited to be bringing you great articles and tips as well as sharing some very informative posts from some of the TOP bloggers in Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, DIY and Business.  My goal is to educate, encourage and motivate you to become a better blogger.  Plus I’m learning along the way as well, so we’re in this thing together Stars.  Today I’m sharing some tips from one of my favorite ladies in Blog Life,  Heidi Nazarudin.  Heidi is the President of Los Angeles – based blogger network, The Blogger Babes and she is sharing some awesome tips on how to make your blog more interactive and conversational.

You need engaging content on your blog, – posts that invite readers to like, tweet, comment on, share, pin, email, – if you want readers to pay attention. And one way to make it engaging is to write in a more conversational tone; like you probably would…



Hope you enjoyed these great tips.  Until next time Stars,   Keep Blogging!



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