Naturally Stellar: 5 Smart Tips for Buying New Furniture

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I’ve spent many tiresome trips looking for the right furniture for my new place. During these times I looked at furniture in stores until I was exhausted, compared prices online and asked a TON of questions.  Sound familiar?

Well here are 5 smart tips for buying new furniture, that you can use on your next  trip, to avoid the unnecessary headache.  Many of these tips were discovered during searches for furniture and from speaking directly to various furniture sales reps at major stores like Ashley Furniture, Haverty’s, Macy’s, La-Z-Boy, Rooms To Go and American Signature Home.

Oh and there’s no need to sacrifice quality for budget…so don’t head over to the box stores just yet, go for the good stuff!


Low Budget

1) Ask about promotions & deals – Upon entering a store, look or ask for a store flyer (if available).  If no flyer, then ask a store associate about any current promotions or sales.  Be sure to ask about details such as Promotion End Dates, Exclusions and How to identify the sale items in the store etc.

2) Always look for a “Clearance Center” or Clearance tags as you browse the store – Remember, the back of the store is your friend and clearance doesn’t always mean “cheap”.  Many times stores offer their floor model items at deep-discounted prices in the back or place them on clearance after being used on the floor for some time.  When pieces are slightly damaged or a little worn, these also often become candidates for clearance.  Clearance items can also include pieces that have been discontinued, separated from a set, overstocked or may include customer returns.

3) Bargain – Never be afraid to negotiate.  You don’t know if you don’t ask.  If you’re buying more than 1 piece of furniture or spending a significant amount of money, ask for a discount on those delivery & assembly fees.


Poor Credit or Need to Avoid “hits” on your Credit

4) Ask about Layaway.  Don’t be surprised, many “brick & mortar” stores offer it. With layaway, all you need is a down payment on your purchase. Most stores that offer layaway will require anywhere from 10 – 15% of the total cost of your purchase as a down payment.  Other terms can vary such as when your payments are due and when it needs to be paid off etc.

This can be a great option for those that are in need of furniture but just may not have the best credit standing to get financing.  It’s also a very smart way to furnish a new home, for those that may be at the home-financing stage of a purchase.  During the home buying process most lenders will likely advise their borrower’s to NOT open any new lines of credit or do anything that may alter their current credit standing.  Using layaway can also lock in any sales pricing on your pieces. So this is a good solution to get you what you need at a good price, without affecting your credit.

Another great benefit of using layaway is that because you don’t actually receive your furniture until it’s paid off,  it can be useful if you are planning on moving into a house or apartment at a specific date.  For example, not moving in for another month or 2?  Instead of buying your furniture now and having to store it or deliver it to your current residence, why not just pay a little now and carefully time it,  so you can pay it off a few days before your move.  That way, you move in and your new furniture is out for delivery just in time!    Cha-Ching! You just had free storage for a month or 2.


Cash-less Financing Options

5) Use Payment Options to Your Advantage- If  your purchase interest rate is better on your credit card, opt to use that vs. applying for store financing.  If you don’t have the ability to pay in full with cash in-store, ask about other payment options.   For instance, did you know that you can use Paypal & Bill Me Later online at Rooms To Go?  Yup! you can.  See what you like in-store, write it down and purchase it online.  By purchasing online, a store associate may not get his or her commission, but the key is to pay for your furniture in the best way that works for YOUR pockets.

With these smart buying tips you should be throwing your next housewarming party or get together in no time!

Happy Shopping!

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