If you’re into food (Eating it, Looking at it, Smelling it…just being around it 😀 ) like I am, I recommend you check out ABC’s new show, The Taste, starring my favorite chef, Anthony Bourdain.  New episode airs tonight!  Watch the most recent episode here:

“The Taste” features no-holds barred chef Anthony Bourdain, British food star Nigella Lawson, expert chef and author Ludo Lefebvre and restaurateur Brian Malarkey. Each of the four culinary superstars and “Taste” mentors – Bourdain, Lawson, Lefebvre and Malarkey – will coach a team of four competing pro and amateur cooks chosen from a nationwide casting call as they vie to create the best tasting dish

I love this show’s concept because the Food is the focus, not the cook.   The judges taste the food without knowing who actually made it.  This beats the whole American Idol style of competition shows, where the judges opinions on the contestants style or personality sometimes influences their judgement.

Have you seen the show?  What did you think about it?

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2 Responses

  1. Marthafied

    I so wish we could see this here in the UK!! Now that sounds like the type of reality show I could get hooked on!

    • Naturally Stellar

      Yeah that sucks. But the good news is, you can still catch the episodes on the ABC website (next day or whenever they post). I catch a lot of my favorite shows online (Netflix, Hulu) because I gave up cable over 6 months ago.


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